Game Heads
To properly cape an animal for shoulder mounting, cut a circle around the body 6” behind the front legs. Next, cut a circle around each front leg 6” below the armpit. On the back side of the leg, cut up the leg to the armpit, then cut a line straight back to the initial cut. Carefully skin the animal as far up the neck as possible, then, cut the head from the carcass. Be careful and do not cut through the skin. Let the head cool then place in a plastic bag and ice down or freeze. You taxidermist would rather have too much skin than too little.
Do not attempt to field dress smaller animals (squirrels, foxes, coyotes, etc). If you cannot get to your taxidermist immediately, cool the carcass with ice or freeze whole if possible. 

Wash any blood, mud, etc. from the bird with water and tuck the head under the wing and place in a plastic bag. Remove as much air as possible, then freeze. Do not gut the bird.

Wrap your fish in a wet towel and place in a plastic bag removing as much air as possible. Make sure the fins are lying flat. Make sure the tail is flat and covered by the towel. Cover with ice, or freeze. Do not gut the fish. 

Get your trophy to your taxidermist
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Game Care

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